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Carpool Procedures:

  • WHITE ARROWS represent LINE 1.

  • Cars should fill LINE 1 to gate entrance, then begin LINE 2 (BLACK ARROWS).

  • LINE 2 can begin moving once LINE 1 has passed.

  • Please DO NOT ENTER LINE 1 once LINE 2 has begun to form.

Carpool Tag

Carpool YELLOW.jpg

Carpool Reminders:

  • Students MUST exit and enter the vehicle on the DRIVER'S SIDE ONLY.

  • Students must exit and enter the vehicle with the assistance of school staff.  Students must NOT let themselves out of a vehicle.

  • YELLOW Carpool Tags are REQUIRED to pick up a student in the carpool line.  ANY driver without a tag will be asked to drive to the front of the school and present an I.D. to a member of the office staff before the student is released to the driver.

  • Carpool Tags MUST REMAIN VISIBLE until the student is IN THE VEHICLE.

  • Cars may enter the carpool area AFTER 2:45 PM.

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